Voigt Eye Clinic 

A family-owned optical and ophthalmic company with traditions dating back to 1910. The main activity of the clinic is laser surgery correcting all vision defects and the so-called keratoconus. Thanks to the experience and use of the latest technologies such as the AMARIS 1050, 2RT laser or the innovative VCLX method used to stop the development of keratoconus, the company gives every patient the guarantee of optimal correction of vision defects and improvement of quality of life by getting rid of glasses or contact lenses.   


dr Barbara Górska - ophthalmologist 

The main operator of laser vision correction and keratoconus correction. Experienced diagnostician. Specialist in 2RT procedures that often save vision in patients with macular disease (AMD). 


Piotr Voigt – optometrist

European authority in the correction of keratoconus. Author of the innovative Vlasik method, which allows correcting excessive normative eye defects with complete safety of the procedure for the patient. Has over 30 years of experience in the correction of keratoconus, and has also conducted over 6,000 programmed femtolasik and lasik treatments.   



  • ophthalmologic consultations 
  • laser vision correction 
  • laser correction of presbyopia 
  • keratoconus treatment 
  • treatment of dry AMD