At the JCI Clinical Research Center, we run research programs using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. As part of the research programs carried out, there is a possibility of paid densitometry testing. We provide a full range of diagnostic tests, including densitometric tests for the whole body, spine, femoral neck, forearm and quantitative assessment of body fat.


What does the test involve?

Densitometry (DXA, Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry) is a type of X-ray examination that is used to assess bone mineral density and body fat. It is one of the basic research in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. Densitometry is a non-invasive and painless examination. It is made using a special X-ray machine that emits very little radiation. The radiation dose is much lower than during a standard chest X-ray. Examination of one area (e.g. spine or femoral neck) takes only a few minutes. The densitometer arm moves over the examined area of the body. The test is carried out in the supine position.


At CBK JCI, we perform densitometry tests on patients who are 21 years of age or older


Before proceeding to the densitometry test you should: 

  • Ensure free clothing - the test field must not contain any metal elements such as zippers, belt buckles, buttons, jewellery, studs, etc. 
  • Report to the center 15 minutes before the scheduled test time. 
  • Bring ID cards and reading glasses with you. 
  • Do not take calcium supplements on the day of the testing. 
  • Take other medicines you take every day as directed by your doctor. 
  • Fasting is not required - you can eat and drink before the test.   

The test should not be performed within 2 days after administration of the contrast medium (e.g. computed tomography) and within 2 weeks after the gastrointestinal contrast study or radioisotope examination. The study cannot be performed on pregnant women due to the harmful effects of radiation on the fetus. No referral letter for examination is required. The test result is available on the day of visit.

List of tests performed:

  • Body fat evaluation (Body composition)
  • Whole skeleton densitometry (Total body)
  • Densitometry of the L1-L4 part of the spine
  • Femoral neck densitometry
  • Densitometry of the spine and femoral neck
  • Left and right femoral neck densitometry

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