Ultrasound (USG)


At the JCI Clinical Research Center, we run research programs using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. As part of the research programs, there is a possibility of paid ultrasound examination. The scope of performed ultrasound tests includes: thyroid, salivary glands, neck, breast, abdominal cavity, pelvis, scrotum, soft tissues, lymph nodes, pleural cavities.

What does the test involve?

Ultrasound (USG) is a non-invasive diagnostic method that allows you to obtain cross-sectional images of the human body based on the phenomenon of propagation and reflection of ultrasonic waves. The test does not use harmful X-rays, it is completely safe for the patient, without any side effects. The test is usually performed in a supine position with a device head applied directly to the body's surface. In some cases, to get a better picture, device heads inserted through natural holes of the body are used (e.g. to assess the reproductive system).


Preparation for ultrasound examination
Abdominal or pelvic ultrasound:

  • Do not eat 6 hours before the test (in the case of diabetes, you can have a light breakfast), do not drink coffee or smoke.
  • To allow assessment of the bladder and pelvic organs, drink approximately 1.0 liters of still water 1-2 hours before the test. Do not urinate before the test, you should have moderate pressure on the bladder.
  • Take intestinal resorbent agents 3 days before the examination.

Ultrasound of other areas: no special preparation is required.

General recommendations:

  • Report to the center 15 minutes before the scheduled test time.
  • Bring your ID card, medical records (previous USG, Mammographs, MR, TK, RTG tests - test descriptions and CD / DVD, hospital and outpatient treatment information cards, other medical records you have), reading glasses.
  • Take your medications as prescribed by a doctor, with still water.

No referral letter for examination is required. The test result is available on the day of a visit.


List of tests performed:

  • thyroid ultrasound
  • ultrasound of the salivary glands
  • neck ultrasound
  • abdominal & pelvic ultrasound
  • testicular ultrasound
  • soft tissue ultrasound
  • ultrasound of lymph nodes

Each of the above mentioned tests costs PLN 200