The JCI Clinical Trials Center is equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment enabling a wide array of tests to be carried out.

Equipment for non-invasive diagnostic imaging:

  • 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner (MagnetomAvanto Fit, Siemens)
  • 256-slice low-dose computed tomography (Definition Flash, Siemens)
  • digital X-ray densitometer (Lunar Prodigy Primo, GE)
  • ultrasound machines (Vivid S5, Vivid S6 and Logiq S7 Expert, GE)

Other medical equipment (a selection):

  • a cardiac stress test device (treadmill)
  • 24-hour Holter ECG analysis
  • 24-hour Holter blood pressure analysis
  • a spirometer and a peak flow meter
  • a 12-channel electrocardiograph
  • an intravascular ablation laser
  • a photoplethysmography device
  • a vascular illuminator
  • a capillaroscope
  • refrigeration units
  • -30°C and -70°C freezers
  • a standard laboratory centrifuge
  • a laboratory centrifuge with a cooling function

The medical equipment has all the required certificates and technical passports and it undergoes regular maintenance inspections.

The access control system in the form of fingerprint readers ensures the highest level of security and confidentiality of data.

The computer system for automatic visit reminders via e-mail or SMS enables the strict adherence to research protocols.

The electronic system for measuring the temperature in rooms, refrigerators and freezers provides 24 hour optimal conditions for the storage of medicines and biological materials.